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An English translation of an acoustiguide from 2009 courtesy of SKD.  It has no reproductions and no introduction beyond that this exhibition revolves Renaissance and Baroque eras.  This acoustiguide does provide information behind the exhibited art, but still, pretty jarring.  The description box explains that the podcast labels it the Green Vault, made by King August the Strong.  In short, They sort of throw you in headfirst.

The series does describe the rooms and how well-preserved they are, even surviving World War Two’s onslaught.  Listening to it, the narrator’s descriptions reveal a study in wealth and indulgence put together by August the Strong.  His love of jewels pervades everywhere.  Even the narrator describes it as “overwhelming”.  I felt amusement of a sculpture by this person named Dinglinger who took commission to render a Moor, but sculpted a Native American.  Oy.

I found another SKD podcast known as the Gemaeldegalerie Alte Meister, which had only two downloadable podcasts.  One on Raphael and another on Peter Paul Rubens.  The two consists of profiles on each artist, which German purchased it,  and the painting they created (Raphael’s Sistine Madonna and Ruben’s portrait of Prince Ferdinand for those wondering).


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