“Warriors, Temples, and Tombs: China’s Enduring Legacy” Bowers Museum Acoustiguide

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They let the CEO from the East-West Bank introduce the 2011 acoustiguide.

The reproductions found when you download resemble excerpts from Power points.  The art comes from the Qin, Han, and Tang dynasties, and in that chronological order.  However, they will interrupt the flow with a separate podcast with a lecture that revolves all of Chinese history.  They introduce the dynasty’s beginnings and then the art in each podcast, but they offer historical context and what the art originally had before time took it.  You will even come away knowing what kind of diet the soldiers had during their lifetime.  The sculpture depicting women soldiers fascinated me.  Very enlightening to learn how dynasties depicted gender differences in art.  Further in, they mention the legend of Mulan and give a brief history.

On the art itself, I liked the animal sculptures and pottery the best.  From the camels to the pigs, they look so lifelike.  The pottery, so simple, yet wonderful.  I especially love “The Tomb Guardian” and how it resembles the Egyptian Sphinx.  On that note, the acoustiguide speaks of many hybrid creatures in Chinese mythology and in reverse of the Egyptian grave sculptures, meant to hold back the dead.  “The Gold Tree” has this wonderful delicacy.  I also love “The Royal Headdress” from the Tang era.  According to the acoustiguide, it literally had “bells and whistles” that supposedly attracted men to women who wore them.  We even learn about the religious conflicts and backlash against Buddhism.  The podcast music has the usual Asian style instrumentals one would expect.  I do like that a cue signifies with a strum.  They even have sound effects that match each art piece.  Very cute.  The longest podcast goes over two minutes.


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