The Grand Tour Acoustiguide from The National Gallery

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This 2007 podcast stands out from others, they offer a map.  The narrators give history, emotional content, and theories behind each painting talked about.  A largely Euro centric series, this series focused on art from the Renaissance to the Modern era.  Geographically, this focuses mostly on the North and South of Europe.  An informal series, the narrators let the listener why they enjoy the painting they talk about.  The overarching theme of this acoustiguide comes from discussing the tricks and manipulations artists used to make a point to the viewer.  The idea of this series acts as an escapist trip from urban London, with their bright paintings of mythological scenes and landscapes.  The good news: when downloading this series, you can look at reproductions while each podcast explains them.  I love how during the Samson and Delilah podcast, the narrator compares Samson to Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Though I think they try too hard to sound informal.  I am also surprised that they still have to remind people who these works acted as entertainment before movies and television.  I thought people would already figure that out.  The Bacchus and Ariadne podcast comes to mind.  The bad news:  you will have trouble downloading one of the podcasts.

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