Pink Floyd and René Magritte

Pink Floyd’s music video High Hopes is a romp through a René Magritte world.  A world that is both grand, fantastic, but almost normal at the same time.  This is unrelated, but at 3:26, I saw a scene that reminded me of sculptures by Do-ho Suh.  

Dalí, with his work, you knew the paintings revealed a different dimension.  But Magritte? In my opinion, he created scenes in his art that could happen in our world.  However, having explored his body of work, he used subjects and objects over and over again in different paintings the same way I noticed Dalí did when I visited the Saint Petersburg museum dedicated to the most well known Surrealist.

By the way, according to Discogs, Roger Waters had made music to complement Monsieur René Magritte.

 The music does have that classic Pink Floyd sound.


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