Art History in “Black Panther”

Ah, yes, the museum scene.  While people are making valid points about the shady ways people took African art, I found myself thinking that this museum reminds me of the museum in 1989’s Batman movie in that they let people (a curator!) eat and drink near famous works of art.  Yes, I know I’m missing the forest for the trees on the point the filmmakers were making.  I just wanted to go a different angle after seeing that scene because I already knew it was coming due to the articles that popped up before I finally watched the film. Also, the works displayed I recognize owing to the art history 101 classes I took when introducing African art, those were the first ones a new art history student saw.

Furthermore, if you want to read my reviews of books that took a critical eye at the ways people acquired art, check out these two articles.

Update 4-30-18: I missed this article from the Baltimore Sun that also pointed out the curator’s mistake.

Update 5-22-18:  Also, when you’re looking at an artwork at a museum for a long amount of time, it is highly unlikely a curator will come and talk to you.  It will be a docent or a guard.  I know because I have had docents and guards come up and talk to me because of my note taking.


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