A look at the Louvre from the sixties

Found this 1966 booklet on the Louvre in my grandmother’s library.  She said she purchased this in a library sale.  Author Michel Gallet wrote the main text in English with French terms decorated all around it.  For example, the Louvre map at the beginning has French labels.   Publishers probably made this booklet for English speakers who visited France.  In the intro, the text points out that the founders built the Louvre out of conquest and raids.  Talk about not glossing over history.

They divide art by medium and in a linear timeline, then by country.  Given the enormity of Western art history alone, it always a challenge for one to put together something coherent and cohesive.  The reproductions consists mostly of black and white photographs with some color photos here and there.  When reproduced in color, their brightness stands out nicely, but I can only wonder about the discussions that came up over which art getting the full color treatment.  From ancient civilizations to the Renaissance, this little book offers a fairly comprehensive historical background from terms to wars to artists to style changes to analysis.  Gallet also wrote about what the Louvre does not have, such as modern and medieval art.  A good introduction to the museum for someone interested and wanting to know what they can find there.

Update 12-12-2015: Rewrote a sentence.


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