Words and Images of Edvard Munch (Chelsea Green Publishing Company)

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Yes, Edvard wrote text as companions to his prints.

At the beginning, the book provides context behind the literary influences of Munch.  Editor Bente Torjusen analyses Munch’s writing style and prints of Munch and what it all meant.  While he gives a lot of good and detailed information, it does run a little dry.  On Munch’s writing, he has created very readable work.  Each text narrates a situation going on in a print, with varying font styles.  Sometimes the font takes on the generic style you see on this on blog, sometimes they take on brushstrokes.

Edvard Munch [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Loss, longing, and pain come off the page with great intensity.  Disease and women revolve around Munch’s texts.  However, women make up the main chunk in the middle part of this anthology.  When he does not write about sensuous things that women can do, he waxes pain about losing a lover.  For him, losing a relationship would mean release from a sweet bondage.  I am not kidding, he writes about constantly feeling untied from the bonds of love.  This book does feature The Scream and his text.  On that, Munch captures a mental breakdown in writing.  For him, the iconic print represents experiencing a horror that comes out of nowhere and strangles in the process.

By Edvard Munch (Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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