Picasso and the Masters podcast

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From 2009 and made in Paris, France in the Gallerie National, Louvre, Dorsay, and the Musee Nacional Picasso.  The show itself came from a “Cultural Initiative” that helped put it together.  While learning about his paintings, the listener receives a profile on him and his reputation as a rebel.  At the same time, as we go from his student days to the 1960s, we learn about his influences.  This acoustiguide revolves around how much of a wunderkind the man was during his lifetime, especially the dark moments.  On that, you will learn what inspired Picasso’s Blue Period and he had a fear of blindness.  The presence of war and people dying acted as a somber subtext of Picasso’s life and work.  The series also showed how the man constantly changed as he grew older.  In other words, his art represented more than co-founding Cubism.

According to the podcast, Cezanne, El Greco, and Velasquez figured heavily as Picasso’s influences.  This acoustiguide shows a man wrestling and celebrating his influences.  However, given how they show the influence seen in his painting, wouldn’t that make Picasso a Post-Modernist?  I’m not the first one to ponder this.  I read a bit of The Myth and Originality of the Avant Garde and the author Rosalind Krauss pointed the Post Modern feel of Picasso’s work.  The reputation of Modernism feels so tenuous at times when one learns more about the lives of these people who influenced this era.

The longest one goes over two minutes.  As usual, no reproductions found in the downloads section.  On any musical accompaniment heard in the series, they use a piece of orchestra in the beginning.  However, they add some Spanish style guitar music in other parts.  In one other podcast, I heard some John Cage style piano music.

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