Amateur Art History (Pictorial) Report: A Jade Buddha visits Charlotte

For two weeks, the Lien ǂHõã Temple exhibits The  Jade Buddha for Universal Peace on their grounds.

This photo came from the many I took today at the site.  My mother and I came to visit and were in awe of its grandeur.  According to one of the workers there, the statue is about 2500 years old.  The statue itself was display in front of a mural with trees and deer around it, probably referring to the place where Buddha gave his first sermon.  Despite the grey, overcast day, my mother and I came and left in good spirits.  The workers were very kind and when we went into the temple, they allowed me to photograph inside.  Before we went in, I put my cameras in my bag because I was not sure if it I could take photos inside, but they said it was okay.  Before we left, we bought necklaces from vendors.  My necklace has a spinning Buddha inside a plastic case with a Jade circle.  Mother bought a necklace with a picture of the Jade Buddha.

ETA 11-28-2016: Updated the entry.


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