“What is it about college girls and Monet t-shirts?”

I must admit, I found that line curious when I was watching Daredevil on Netflix. Having spent time in art centric universities, I never saw a Monet T-shirt. The art themed clothing I wore during my college years (or now wear) either came from the Old Masters or the Surrealist movement. I guess Monet on a T-shirt doesn’t seem right to me. I expect portraits or abstract art, but not French Impressionist landscapes.

On the gallery scene in Rabbit in a Snowstorm, I haven’t seen that many artworks with monochromatic color schemes since going to the High Museum of Art with their Abstract Expressionist and Minimalist art.

In World on Fire, did the screenwriters intend to do a callback to the Monet reference when Matt Murdock describes his interpretation of the visual as an “impressionistic painting”? Then again it reminded me of my professor explaining that the Impressionists defended themselves against their critics by claiming that their paintings emerged from what they saw. When I was reading one of Clive Bell‘s (or Roger Fry’s) writings (I forget, but I’ll update and give a link when I find it), the critic pointed out that people wondered if Impressionist artists had eye problems.

Claude Monet [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The Railway Bridge at Argenteuil (1874)

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