The Art21 Series on Podcast

On YouTube

All under ten minutes.  From 2009 to now, the podcast gives bite sized videos of Contemporary artists alive today and in their own environments creating art.  A series built on hope and creativity regardless of race, class, and nationality.  I did find some common themes while watching all the episodes.  The use of the Readymade and the Kitsch concept feature heavily in this series.  Art recycling instead dumping the old into the trash, artists tweak and recontextualize it and put it back up again.  Seeing them all left me fully gorged on pastiche.  I also noticed another theme that came from series.  The sense of the artist as maestro directing workers.  We have interviews with workers they hired to help build their vision.  This sense of community pervades Art21.  A far cry from the heroic lone artist as individual found in the Renaissance or even in the Modern era.  We do have the occasional lone artist here and there, but rare in the series.

I think what makes this series so special comes from depicting the artists as these delightfully human characters whom Art21 let challenge them and turn the series into a sounding board of their own philosophies.  Art21 even lets the artists poke fun at them.  I developed a lot of favorites thanks to seeing these people in action.  The only criticism I had come from the poor volume control, because I could barely hear it sometimes.

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