Phantoms of Asia Multimedia Tour Podcast from the Asian Art Museum

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Made in 2012 over a period of three months that showcases artists.  No reproductions found in the downloads, but they do have videos.  This series focuses on contemporary art with interviews with artists from multiple cultures.  As mentioned in the introduction, the artists focuses on influences from the traditional and the modern, plus grand questions such as how to capture the universe and space in art.  In fact, this podcast teaches you about the relationship between the universe and Buddhism worked.   The results prove rather expansive and diverse.

Further into the podcast, artists focus on ideals to pessimistic futures.  One example of pessimistic futures comes from Heman Chong’s photographs empty spaces courtesy of a fictional apocalypse.  Looking at this wall to wall tableau of photos, it struck me on what kind of context Chong used.  On their own, these photos would not evoke sadness and melancholy, but resembled nondescript stock photos.  Sure, some could evoke the same feeling that the painting Nighthawks would have made, but nothing would compare to seeing hundreds of photos of spaces that overwhelm the viewer with a sense  of evacuation and desertion.  Other artists such as Sun K. Kwak create some very imaginative work that go beyond the usual structure of murals and brushwork with her use of black tape.  Sort of references ink drawings found in Asian calligraphy.  Kwak even mentions line drawing.  She created this illusion of painting with everyday work tools.  Choi Jeong Hwa’s “Breathing Flower” will leave you with feelings of breathlessness and whimsy.  The “Palden Weinreb on Process and Facades” shows the past and contemporary with ancient South Asian statues and contemporary art dealing with abstract issues on the wall both complement each other.

The longest podcast last about five minutes and fifty-five seconds.


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