Rookwood Sculpture Walk Podcasts

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These acoustiguides revolves around the Rookwood Cemetery and the artists who installed art in this historical place.  The common subject?  Death.  Each artist creates something out of their view of death and everything surrounding this inevitable end.  The artists do capture a range of subjects involving the culture of death ranging from the darkly funny, to how one copes with loss, and the outright horrifying (I.E. suicide bombings in Afghanistan).

Intriguingly, some try a different such as comment on people’s preference for simulacra objects in place of nature.  In relation to that,  many contributors submitted art with a theme on how people treat the environment.  As with any typical contemporary artists, they create art not meant to have a type of permanent setting.  Fitting in a cemetery.  In the acoustiguide, artists talk about why they did this, describes it,  what it represents, their inspiration, and their influences.  It can go from something personal to something inspired by pop culture.  On any enhancements, one featured background music and another featured sound effects of nature, which made me wonder what kind of discussions happened that resulted from that, because others narrated their section in silence.  Hilariously, one podcast had a skit involving a tea party.  Listen to it yourself, I dare not describe it even if I tried.  I loved it though, so precious.

When I first subscribed to this podcast, I originally thought this podcast involved the Arts and Crafts Movement because of the name Rookwood.  Shows what I know.

In the 2009 series, they give directions on where to go next.  In the 2010 edition, they do not use it at all.

As usual, no photos in the download.

Update 12-17-2015:  Rewrote a sentence.


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