The Brochure Series of Architectural Illustration (1895)

As with the earlier issue I reviewed, we only have a list of buildings with no reproductions in this fourth issue.  On the plus side, it  does contain an intriguing article on Byzantine and Romanesque architecture in the Apulia province of Italy.  I did feel amusement when the author described a Christian era style as “stupid”.  As someone who has had professors tell me not to rely on such language as this, it amazes me that this article went past the approval stage.  Or maybe the word carried a different meaning during this time.  Still, it makes for an insightful article on a place that according to the author, languished in obscurity at the time.

The remaining sections consists mostly of notices for people wanting subscriptions for the Brochure Series, scholarships, groups, and reviews of books.  Not very exciting and somewhat dry.  If you want to download this, do it for the article, and it will not cost you.

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