Lives of the British Watercolor Painters

Masters of Watercolor Painting (1908)

by H.M. Cundall

I finished reading a badly uploaded book via Kindle.  For example, instead of quotations, the document has question marks for titles and sentences.  The writing itself, while nothing special, feels grammatically suspect at times.  On that note, I feel a little weird critiquing other people’s writing ability.  It makes me feel as though I am throwing rocks at my glass house.  On the plus side, little known artists such as William Tavener, Samuel Scott, and Francis Scott have sections dedicated to their life, work, and accomplishments.  You learn about British artists beyond William Hogarth, J.M.W. Turner, and John Constable.  On H.M. Cundall, I could not find a lot of background on the writer beyond another book he wrote.

The book starts with a very brief history of watercolor painting, and then immediately gives information on British painters who devoted their time to creating work with this style.  The writing has such a simple style, that I can’t help but wonder if people in 1908 marketed this book towards casual (or novice) art history readers or the younger crowd.  In fact, it made for such a simple read, I read this in about an hour (I guesstimate).  If you want to read this, I recommend clicking on the Gutenberg link and not the Amazon link.  From the looks of things, the former has a cleaner and easy to read version.

ETA: Rewrote a sentence.

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