And now, artists on bicycles…

You have no idea how hard I geeked out when I heard Cleese reference all these artists.

Artists referenced:

Wassily Kandinsky

Georges Braques

Piet Mondrian

Marc Chagall

Max Ernst

Dufy (Thanks Benjamin Harvey)

Ben Nicholson (Same as above)

Jackson Pollock

Joan Miro

Jean DeBuffet

Giorgio de Chirico

Constantin Brancusi (Thanks Albertis Window)

Paul Klee (Same as above)

Ferdinand de Leger

Robert Delauney

Willem de Kooning (Thanks Jeremy!)

Kurt Schwitters

Pablo Picasso

The ones I wrote down were the ones I could decipher from John Cleese’s yelling.  If anyone notices that I missed one or got one wrong, just say so.

ETA: All the ones I thanked came from the comment section.


  1. Greetings! I don’t think I’ve come across your blog before. I was researching something about Helen of Egypt and your blog came up on my Google search. Anyhow, I’m a fellow art historian who likes to blog. This clip cracked me up. I love Monty Python, and I don’t know how I’ve never come across this clip before.

    You may be interested in looking at my art history blog:


  2. Ben Nicholson! (“Dufy…..BENNICHOLSONJacksonPollock”)

    He’s not mentioned, but “bird in flight” references Brancsusi.

  3. Hi Catherine!! Cool clip. I love Monty Python. I too have newly discovered your site via M from alberti’s window! I look forward to reading through previous posts and your updates!

    The more art history bloggers the better!

    Kind Regards
    H Niyazi

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