Art History in “The Last Kingdom” by Bernard Cornwell

Another audiobook I checked out.  While following a fight between two cultures (the ambitious Danes who desire conquest versus the English Christians), the characters explore and speculate on the ruins once built by earlier invaders, also known as architects of the Roman Empire. This speculation called to mind a poem I learned about years ago called “The Wanderer“.  During that learning process, a professor of mine pointed out that certain parts of the poem shows the narrator describing scenes of Roman ruins.  Reading it again, I have to wonder if Bernard Cornwell read it too.

By Eadfrith (Lindisfarne Gospels, c 700 AD) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The book also references Lindisfarne Monastery, only it went it under a slightly different name.  This link provides more information behind the monastery and its famous manuscript, the Lindisfarne Gospel.  While Cornwell does not directly reference it, he does mention the manuscripts found in the monastery as the characters pillaged the place.

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