Art History in “Agent Carter”

In between taking in the rollicking good fun delivered by the series, I enjoyed watching Edwin Jarvis give an art history tour of one of Howard Stark’s New York homes.  In Time and Tide, Jarvis described one of the rooms as having “North German Renaissance influences but the layout is decidedly French”.  Due to me not trusting my memories and Hulu taking down the episode, I had to look up a clip on YouTube to confirm this quote.

Of course Stark would want a home referencing an era known for change and ideas.  Although, I am curious that he doesn’t prefer Italian Renaissance, given that their culture would have allowed him more privileges had he lived in that time.

Furthermore, his son did have the nickname “the Da Vinci of Death”.

By the way, I could watch Jarvis and Peggy Carter talk to each other all day.

However, when I watched the last episode (Valediction), I saw that Stark owned a print of Saint Peter’s Basilica. In the room that Jarvis called “Neo-Classical“.

It could be this one, a print by Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

When you think about it, of course a man of Stark’s intellect would have an interest about the inner workings of such a place.

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