Museum of East Asian Art Podcasts

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A tiny grouping of podcasts, this series barely mentions visual arts from East Asia.  The first one, Building the collection has founder Brian S. McElney talking about his life and, of course, collection.  He mentions some ceramics, but that’s about it.  To sum up this podcast, McElney used a leftover remnant of the Chinese-British connection to help him gather art.  Feel free to draw your own conclusions on that.

The other three contained musical performances.  One by Tibetan monks who sang chants while percussive instruments played in the background.  The other had musicians (Stephanie Hiller and Emiko Izumi) who performed on instruments such as the Shakuhachi and the Koto.  On the last two, the podcasts gave some really good history lessons behind them.  I enjoyed these performances, for they showcased a musical diversity of delicate or harsh tones.

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