Podcasts from the Columbia Museum of Art

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As I go through these museum podcasts that obviously act as an archive for discarded audio tour guides,  I wonder, do people find this useful or useless?  Do these help even if you  have never seen the artwork they talk about in the podcast?

Since this museum features contemporary art, they create the opportunity for artists to explain their art.  Similar to the other museum podcasts I have reviewed, they have a short time limit.  They do feature a video podcast that teaches people Chinese calligraphy.  On the downside, this podcast had a lot of glitches.  I had trouble downloading the “Who Shot Rock and Roll?” series and the Lesley Dill series?  One can obviously tell she recorded this over a phone and not with real recording devices.  Instead of the clear feel of earlier podcasts, this comes off as scratchy, for lack of a better word.  On Lesley Dill, she sounds interesting and she creates good work, despite her using “um”  often.  I love her Punch piece.  Dill takes a lot of great literary influences from Rilke, Kafka, and especially Emily Dickinson and puts it in her work.  However, other recordings use better equipment because the Renaissance tapestries series come in clear.  The narrator provides a short insight into the history and symbolism of the tapestries themselves.  They even talk about how the people restored the tapestries.

Since the CMA developed a reputation for its permanent exhibition of ceramics, it seems right that they should have an audio tour guide for it too.  In this series, they divide each podcast by person who provided the most influence in the American ceramics world.  Going back to the calligraphy demonstration video, while Professor Tan Ye created beautiful work, I could barely hear him.  Not to mention the room they filmed in looked badly lit.  Unlike other museum podcasts (probably for copyright reasons), when you download the series, you will not receive the actual works the narrators talk about.  While they have not updated this podcast since 2011, I feel they will add more in the future.

ETA: Rewrote a sentence.

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