Renaissance art, Time Travel, and general hooligan behavior

Taking The Michelangelo

 From the BBC Radio 4 series, The Seventh Dimension and Andrew McGibbon’s  The Routemasters, comes the story Taking the Michelangelo.  

Innocent bystander Bernie ends up on a time traveling bus with the Conductor and finds himself dealing with time traveling pranksters who want to vandalize the Sistine Chapel in 16th century Rome while Michelangelo himself works on it.  With a thick Italian accent and hot temper, Michelangelo shows up, but only briefly.  Despite this, Andy Mulligan depicts him as the real Michelangelo I think of.  And oh, his one liners such as “You make him look like a Dutch Eunuch with Impetigo!” left a big smile on my face.  Although one of the Italians who work with Buonarroti sounds as if somebody took them from some parody of The Godfather.  The story does reference real life facts about Michelangelo such as his lack of bathing and they thankfully do not beat us over the head about his sexuality.

On the Conductor and his nemesis Hildegard (the prankster), it reminds me of the relationship between the Doctor and the Faction Paradox.  On the other hand, her and Raymond (a hired lackey) reminds me of what would happen if the Dadaists and Futurists gained the ability to travel back in time.  Raymond, played by McGibbon, does a great job playing such a sniveling assistant and Amanda Donahoe who plays Hildegard wonderfully and creates such a cold, manipulative persona for this character.   Playing Bernie, Owen Evans does a good Arther Dent impersonation and the Conductor does well as the eccentric yet logical time traveler as only the British could create.  Those who love Douglas Adams will enjoy this.  However, if you do not follow British culture, some of the jokes will fly over your head.  A gently funny comedy with some very racy moments here and there.  Seriously, I can’t even write some of the one liners used here.

ETA: Corrected some errors.

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