Art History’s WTF Moments: With Dali and Rembrandt, you will smell good and your teeth will be white!

Apparently, Dali had his own line of perfumes and cologne.  I wonder what you smell like when you use them.  Camembert cheese?

Now, about Rembrandt.  I’m sure the name of the teeth whitening product and the artist is purely coincidental.  However, someone who thought up the name had to realize the connotation.  The marketing discussion must have been hilarious.

You know, visual artists are sort of the last sacred cows when it comes to promoting products.  I mean, we already see actors and musicians do the same.

Yeah, I know I already put up an entry about Dali and Warhol in advertisements.  However, I am waiting for Jeff Koons to do a commercial promoting something.  Although, we have not seen architects hawk products, have we?  If so, please say something!

One comment

  1. I have a bottle of Dali cologne. Smells very nice. The bottle is a glass orb with a pair of lips on top. My own little Dali sculpture!

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