Art History at the Movies: What I have done so far.

For the past week, I have watched and took notes on various art history movies.  I will post up the reviews as soon as I read up on each subject so I can (to the best of my abilities) critically write them up.    Basically, my process first starts with writing while watching the movie, then I read some books on the same book, then I rewrite ad nauseum.  Afterwards, I turn in the last draft.

Reviews to expect:

Nightwatching (About Rembrandt and the stories leading to the painting, Nightwatch.)

Love is a Devil (The relationship between Francis Bacon and George Dyer)

Goya’s Ghosts (About Francisco Goya, one of his models, and the ever-changing governments of Spain during his time.)

Klimt (This movie recounts the final years of Symbolist Gustav Klimt.)

Little Ashes (This movie recounts the early years of Salvador Dali and his friendships with poet Federico Garcia Lorca and filmmaker Luis Bunuel.)

What I am going to do with these reviews?  I am going to analyze common tropes found in these movies, any inaccuracies, and any faithful or unfaithful resemblances.  Plus, I am going to analyse the choices of events the screenwriters chose to depict, and how the director sets up the visuals.  Finally, I will say whether they are good.


  1. Very interesting! A shame you have left out the recent(ish) Caravaggio feature – though it was a 2 parter made for TV.

    I will be reviewing The Age of The Medici at some stage, a fascinating journey into Renaissance Florence directed by Rossellini.


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