Art History at the Movies! “And Then There Were None” 1945

This adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel has this fascinatingly nasty comic atmosphere. While watching, I saw familiar-looking paintings and sculptures installed in this off-putting house that caught my attention. Such as this one portrait you can see twelve minutes into the movie. Having seen (I think) this artwork before, I learned (via a search engine) that it was by Dutch Baroque painter Frans Hals. There were other portraits and paintings that I did not recognize but seemed to look on and judge the characters trapped on the island.  

While the characters are haunted by an anonymous person, the Hals portrait depicts a person (gazing at a group of people with a slight smirk) whose name remains a mystery.  

“The Laughing Cavalier, aka Portrait of an Unknown Man” Frans Hals, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

At 1:17:45, I saw a sculpture of Queen Victoria that matches this work I found on this auction website while doing some more research. 

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