Art History in “Jane Eyre” (2011): A reexamination

I watched a bit of the film again, and when I viewed the scene where Jane and Rochester discuss money, I recognized a tapestry that I never realized was the same one found in other scenes. I only noticed that tapestry when the filmmakers obscured it in dim light.  In my first post analysing the movie, I thought it resembled The Unicorn Found from the The Hunt of the Unicorn series.

Now seeing it in better lighting, it’s even more obvious that it’s not that famous tapestry.  Both artworks share a fountain, but instead, there’s a lion eating a small animal, possibly a lamb.  It’s seen clearly after Jane haggles with Rochester over her salary and her temporarily leaving him.  Between this and the painting of the dog chasing the bird, the film depicts Rochester as this desperate creature trying to keep Jane near her.

By the way, anyone who knows the tapestry, please let me know.

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