Art History in Nick Minaj’s “Only” (ft. Lil Wayne, Drake, and Chris Brown)

So I watched the video after reading about its release (I’m late, I know), and I found most of the imagery presented uninteresting and possibly a little clichéd.

However, my attention ended up caught just as the promotional short reached its end.  The images I snipped from the video should show why:


A marble version of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker.

Greek or Roman

A Classical statue of a woman bearing abundance.  If anyone has information behind this one, let me know.


Plus, marble columns.

Seeing these artworks, plus the black stripes that patterned them, piqued my interest in the meaning behind their inclusion.  I figured that the columns acted as a symbol of power, so that came as a no-brainer for me.  I did have questions about the two sculptures:

Did the stripes represent an act of tying down European art?

Why make Rodin’s The Thinker marble?  The original’s bronze.

Furthermore, seeing this video inspired me to watch Jay Z’s video Holy Grail in full (I had only seen clips), a video filled with Classical marble statues.

Obviously meant to signify his status as a powerful man.

Anyone else have their own take?

Update 12/25/2014: I decided to change “Eurocentric” to “European”. I found my initial choice of words in error.

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