Art History in “Blasphemy” by Douglas Preston

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Also, mild spoilers.

Listened to an audiobook version of this hard science novel involving a giant machine and religion.  As he names museums and cathedrals in France and the American Anasazi locations, author Douglas Preston sprinkles art history references in various parts of the book.  In the carnage filled third act, the main character references Hieronymus Bosch’s The Last Judgement.  Apt, given that nearly all the book’s discussions center around the Abrahamic God and the Apocalypse.  However, since the main action takes place in and around Arizona’s Navajo communities, Preston allows his characters to discuss the more homegrown faith practiced there.  Also, I think the Navajo Revival style art received a mention. To anyone reading, has there been books dedicated to this type of art?  I searched online, but I couldn’t find anything concrete.

On the Bosch reference, which Last Judgement did Preston intend for the reader to imagine?  During my search for reproductions, I noticed that Bosch created multiple interpretations of the Biblical End Times.  The various websites I visited confirmed my suspicions.

Did Preston mean this one?

Hieronymus Bosch or workshop [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Or this one?

You can find the complete triptych in the link highlighted.

 I doubt there were instrument playing animals in the book.

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