Prints in “Jane Eyre”

Book available at Gutenberg

Before she arrives at Thornfield Hall, Jane stays at the George Inn, where the interior designer clearly wanted to honor generals and kings:

“A new chapter in a novel is something like a new scene in a play; and when I draw up the curtain this time, reader, you must fancy you see a room in the George Inn at Millcote, with such large figured papering on the walls as inn rooms have; such a carpet, such furniture, such ornaments on the mantelpiece, such prints, including a portrait of George the Third, and another of the Prince of Wales, and a representation of the death of Wolfe.”

Very high aspirations, yes? On the art, I do wonder where the print of King George originated.  Did it come from Benjamin Smith’s own hand?

Or did somebody reproduce a Thomas Gainsborough?

Or one of Mather Brown’s pieces?

 I will discuss the other references in future entries.

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