Look at me, I’m the Girl with the Dada Earring!

So, when you make art history themed jewelry, how do you sum up Dada, a movement famed for having no clear message?

You use exclamation points and question marks.2013-11-03 08.58.38

Sorry for the bad lighting, the cubes at the bottom had a red color.

Designed by David Howell and Company, whose earring designs either left me ambivalent or drooling at the beautiful, ingenious designs, references the endless covers full of large, black-colored words that Dada artists created in the first movement.

Considering that, I found that very smart and practical of the designers to make that choice.  When I first saw these at the North Carolina Museum of Art, I didn’t know if I liked them or not, but now I realize that this pair captures the bold attitude combined with the intent to confuse that Dada so clearly loved.

Oh, and you can buy this version in different colors.

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