“All Hallows” by Walter de la Mare

You can read this story on Gutenberg

While I listened to a reading courtesy of BBC iPlayer, I wondered if Walter de la Mare referenced any real life cathedral for this story.  Then I heard this:

“He resembled one of those old men whom Rembrandt delighted in drawing.  The knotted hands, the black drooping eyebrows, the thin-lipped ecclesiastical mouth.”

Rembrandt [Public domain, Public domain, Public domain or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Update 9-6-2017: Added a new painting

Update 1-1-2015: To make this entry look nice, I removed my original edit note (made to inform readers that I removed dead links) at the top.  I do now have new links for readers to click on.

ETA: Removed a link due to me feeling unsure about its reliability.

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