Andy Warhol: The Last Decade by the Baltimore Museum of Art Podcast

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This 2010 podcast/acoustiguide acts as a glowing celebration of Warhol’s last years of experimentation.  From the late seventies to 1986, Warhol took on more abstract subject with unpredictable results.  It sounded as if the Pop artist focused more on patterns and designs and not an actual subject.  They emphasized more on examining Warhol’s technique more than the historical background, but they add some tidbits here and there, such as the artist’s post psychological state after Valerie Solanas tried to murder him.

In some of the paintings they talk about, Warhol’s use of urine reminded me of Dali’s obsession with the vulgar.  I guess this came from Warhol not caring in process as he aged. Lou Reed even shows up to talk!  He acts as  the narrator for the acoustiguide series.  Reed does sound as if he’s slurring in some parts.  The series has a brief aside into another artist collaboration (Guyton/Walker) who uses similar execution that Warhol used.  While this sounds as if it comes out of nowhere, artist Kelly Walker does give other bits of narration on Warhol’s life.  The background electric guitar instrumentals has this quiet, meandering quality, nothing special except for some fast tempo guitar riffs.  Other background music in the podcasts have this electronic quality to it.  The longest last just over three minutes.  When you download this series, you will not see the paintings.  The estate probably did not give permission.

ETA: Added a word and fixed another.  I rewrote the Dali sentence because it felt inaccurate, and I needed to clarify.


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