Oh, and by the way….

I know I am off by a couple of weeks, but the 17th of March marks the second anniversary of my blog.

To celebrate this occasion, I wish to list the top five most visited entries in the statistics section.

I am not surprised by the visits to my posts about Gericault, Dali, or the Funniest Moments section.  Dali’s popularity, people’s curiosity over what I find funny about art history, and scenes of death, of course people will want to click on the post.  However, I am pleasantly surprised by the popularity over the April 16th and Georgia O’Keeffe soundtrack entries.  Everyday, I see Georgia’s name in the “Search Engine Terms” section when I check my blog.  I know a movie about her came out in 2009, but her name constantly popping up fascinates me.

Disturbing Art: The works of Theodore Gericault (If you don’t like scenes of death, don’t click). 717
Artists as Writers: Dali’s Mustache by Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman (NSFW) 671
Music to listen to while looking at Georgia O’Keeffe paintings 532
Art History’s Funniest Moments: Coming Soon 502
On This Day in Art History: April 16 422

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