Art History Reports/JoaMi-Going to the Jerald Melberg Gallery with the Hickory Museum of Art staff

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Last Wednesday, staff  and members of the Hickory Museum of Art went to various museums and galleries in Charlotte.  The Bechtler Museum of Art, the Mint Museum Uptown, and the Jerald Melberg gallery.

While visiting, all locations provided tour guides to give insight behind the artwork and how the museum put the exhibitions together.  After looking at the School of Paris exhibit at the Bechtler, I have to admit, I felt a need to take up drawing again.  In short, I bought some “magic pencils” and I have already done some doodling and sketching.  At the Mint’s Bank of America exhibition, the guide (who put together the show) revealed why they had so many women artists on display.  This came from the fact that art by women have low prices compared to art by men.  Since I already wrote about these museums in earlier posts, I will write about the Jerald Melberg Gallery.

Regarding this gallery, I had no idea this place existed in Charlotte.  I feel like such a bad art history lover, because this place holds a lot of treasures.  They show off contemporary from the early 1900s to artwork created just last year.  They contain prints and sketches done by Chuck Close, Romare Beardan, and Hans Hoffmann.  Furthermore, they have an Arshile Gorky artwork.  By the way, more artwork awaits when one heads to the bathrooms of the gallery.  However, one artist exhibited stood out to me, and he goes by the name of Robert Stenhouse.  The way he handles composition and color left me without words.  His one drawing, Self-Portrait as a Cockroach captures him morphing from human to said insect.  The naturalistic execution he puts into this painting will leave the viewer both disturbed and this feeling that they looked into the sublime.  Plus, they might remember the writings of Kafka.  I also enjoyed the work in Susan Grossman in this gallery as well.  Her charcoal painting of Uptown Charlotte (To 74, Charlotte) captured the constant movement found there.

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