Art History Reports: Music and Museum Series of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

Before I begin, I would like to tell you that I did not write any notes for this report.  Why?  My cellphone battery went low, so I turned it off.   In short, I am writing what I could remember.

Last sunday, I ended my pilgrimage to the Mint Museum Uptown and the Bechtler with a concert from the Music and Museum.  The composers?  Johannes Brahms, Darius Milhaud, Igor Stravinsky, and Max Bruch.  The artwork featured?  Two works by Roger Bissiere, a member of the School of Paris that the Bechtler Museum has on display until next year.  While his paintings left me ambivalent, Bissiere’s career as an art historian left me intrigued.  I will find his books and review them in the future.  For this concert, they used clarinet from the first piece to the last.  What I have learned from this concert?  When the right composer makes a song for it, the clarinet makes quite the fun instrument.  For example, Igor Stravinsky’s 3 Pieces for Clarinet Solo  The quirky and fun tone of the work made me want to giggle.  However, I loved the Milhaud piece, Suite Op. 157b for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano.  So lively and so diverse.  I had a lot of fun listening to the Divertissement-Anime and Jeu-Vif sections.

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