What’s this I hear about a Doctor Who episode involving Vincent Van Gogh?

I am always late to these types of things.  So, the Doctor has returned to using famous artworks as plot points.  Any Whovian can remember the famous Douglas Adams penned episode City of Death where he used the Mona Lisa as a plot device for the delightfully intricate story.

So far, I have only seen clips and I love the sunflowers everywhere.  However, doesn’t Van Gogh look like Conan O’Brien? 

By the way, I watched one of the other clips where Van Gogh reveals that he hates flowers.  Like Georgia O’ Keeffe and Robert Mapplethorpe (I read in a book somewhere that he did not like flowers).

By the way, speaking of City of Death…


  1. This show made me cry. I haven’t done that since David Tennant. The “wobbly set” production values of this current Doctor Who season fits perfectly with Van Gogh’s Impressionism. But it was Amy’s love for the artist, and the actor’s portrayal of Van Gogh’s emotions that won me over. Please read my blog here at wordpress:
    which talks about how Vincent could see things we cannot..

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