Artists as Writers: Diana+ True Tales and Short Stories by the Lomographic Society International

Anyone who goes through my blogs and checks out my smugmug account knows how much of a shutterbug I am.  From black and white film to digital, I love photography.  In fact, I have a darkroom in my grandmother’s house.  I also love old technology.  So, this love led to me purchasing a book called Diana+: True Tales and Short Stories.  Best of all, the book has lots of photos created by the short-lived camera called the Diana camera.  For those wondering, yes, they do reference the Goddess Diana.

This book promotes unique, dreamy, surreal photography with color schemes that can remind you of Norman Rockwell or seventies era photographs.  The book also gives a history of the camera and interviews with Diana+ photographers.  My personal favorite photographer from this collection was Mark Sink, with his beautiful use of harmony and composition, and his portraits of Andy Warhol and Grace Jones.  Plus, this book has an anthology of fictional stories of people using the Diana+.  The fictional photographers range from female Russian astronauts to Brooklyn mobsters, and they vary from the everyday to the fantastic.  The writing itself is fun and engaging.  On the downside, I did notice a typo reading in the “Diana Vignettes III” section.  Regarding these, Diana+ user Michael Kuhle wrote them and the book uses various photographs as a visual aid to the story.

All in all, this book is a lighthearted good read.  A cute and uplifting book celebrating an obscure camera.  However, to any parents with camera obsessed young kids, I do not recommend this book.  The book has a lot of swear words and mature topics.

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